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This release fixes many bugs found by the community and added a few features as well. Update Paronicon by clicking the “Install Now” button at the top right of Paronicon. You may need to restart Paronicon to see the update button. This is a HUGE release. A lot has changed, so please be sure to post any issues to our forums.

Bug Fixes

— Complete overhaul of second chance detection.
— Fixed a bug that would cause a crash to occur when attempting to update the API permissions.
— Fixed a bug that would cause a crash if access to the clipboard was not allowed when copying contents.
— Added a reply message to !playlist
— Fixed an issue where !closekills would not return stats
— Fixed the reports on the Player Manager being shown wrong. Reports already entered will still be wrong, but new reports should be corrected.
— Fixed MANY sqlite crashes
— Fixed a bug that would cause the auto-update process to crash the application.
— Fixed a bug that would prevent renaming of servers
— Fixed a bug where the sentry guns in Berlin Wall would trigger a warn/kick if a player triggered them while sentry guns were limited.
— Made report send a reply on success.
— Fixed a bug where the email notification of crashes to me would cause your IP to be banned from Paronicon’s website.
— Fixed a bug that would casue exporting of bans to crash Paronicon (permissions issue).
— Fixed a bug where the choppers would cause false warning if a player called it in and then left the game/disconnected.
— Fixed a bug that would prevent !nextmap from working after using !setnextmap
— Fixed a crash that could occur when unbanning a player from a server.
— Fixed some errors that would happen if you ran without administrator mode. Instead of crashing, it tells you to try again.


— Complete overhaul of second chance detection.
— !addword to add a word/phrase to the language filter
— !removeword to remove a word/phrase from the language filter
— Added ability to output custom commands with cmdlist
— Added much more debugging to the system to help diagnose crashes that occur. You can find two possible files in the root directory if an unhandled exception occurs (THREADEXCEPTION.log and/or DOMAINEXCEPTION.log).
— Added the warn to the output selection screen (choose what type of output it gets, PM, say, none).
— Added ability to use multiple shortcodes in one reason.
— Made minimum kills to be listed in !topkdr to be configurable.


I will avoid adding any ads I can from Paronicon. I added one image at the top of the form that points to NFOServers and this is the only one you will ever see. It doesn’t serve as just an ad, bur rather the sheer amount of awesome that they provide. They are our preferred provider and we ask that you use them for all your server needs. Thanks!

Did I mention that the second chance calulcations have been completely re-done? Will it fix the issues? No idea….

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