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This release fixes many bugs found by the community quickly after the last release. Sorry the long delay in this update. Update Paronicon by clicking the “Install Now” button at the top right of Paronicon. You may need to restart Paronicon to see the update button.

Bug Fixes

— Fixed a couple of crashes that would occur on the server modification form.
— Fixed errors that would cause P2 to crash when the sqlite libraries could not be loaded. Will alert you before shutting down now.
— Fixed a bug that would cause a crash when managing a custom playlist.
— Fixed a crash that would occur when managing API rights.
— Fixed a crash that would occur when managing players in the player manager.
— Fixed an issue where a weapon that was restricted was used to blow up a car and would not get detected as invalid.
— Fixed an issue where firing range would not work with setnextmap.


— Added the ability to restrict vehicle damage.


— Added more errors triggers to the server dialog to try to help with some of the issues people are seeing with it.

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